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اتصال Connection

Nature is a significant element in Iranian culture, art, and philosophy. Artist(craft man) looking to nature as a God sign. He sees himself as a small part of this vast universe, and they are all created by God.

Craft man studies nature and applies the sciences of nature to his works, giving a universal aspect to his works. He uses the Fibonacci sequence or golden ratio in his works. He finds influence and finds material in his works in nature, and he sees God in nature.

There is no individuality in creating the craft, and the craftsman delicate himself and his Integrity to reflect God. The moment that He started the work, he ended himself by joining a bigger self. He ending his ego, his pain and problems, and everything become a bigger whole. He becomes connected to the more significant entity, which is God.

in so many cultures and religions, Sky is where Gods exist. By looking at the structure of the mosque or Inca architecture, they all pointing to the Sky. It is untouched nature with so many unknowns and mysteries. It is where my curiosity grows. Questions about Aliens and life in other planets, and I don't find a clear answer yet!

In studying Iranian art, I became fascinated in the mathematic and science behind the art and symbolic language that traditional craft man using in creating the work.

Etesal is a video installation piece that resonates with my ambition of researching my Iranian heritage.

It also addresses the paradox or harmony of technology and nature and uses technology to search for history. And more we developing technology, we distance and disconnected from nature. It helps us create and display our works in virtual space, simoniacally distancing natural and physical space.

It helps us to connect and disconnect from reality. It can be mesmerizing, like the galaxy video that is spinning in this work. It can lead you to forget about yourself and looking to a hypnotizing spinning video. It symbolizes an ordinary modern man by looking to others through TV or social media to avoid his being while he is waiting in the Costco line or waiting for his turn in the doctor's office.

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