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Keyvan Shovir's London Mural: A Rumi-Inspired Ode to Love

A Persian Artist's Journey in London

In the summer of 2010, Keyvan Shovir, a renowned Persian artist, embarked on a unique artistic journey in the heart of London. Amidst the city's iconic rainy days, an invitation from a fellow British artist led him to a location near the Oval station in South London. Here, Shovir was about to create a mural that would encapsulate the essence of Persian artistry and Sufi wisdom.

The Creation of the Mural

Over the course of a day, Shovir worked diligently on his mural project, accompanied by esteemed Iranian photographer Mohsen Shahmardi. This collaboration resulted in a beautiful synergy of art and documentation, capturing the essence of Shovir's work through photography and video recording.

Rumi's Influence: A Message of Love

The theme of the mural centered around "Love" or “عشق”, drawing inspiration from the works of Rumi, the renowned Persian poet and Sufi scholar. Rumi's teachings, known for their depth in exploring themes like unconditional acceptance, tolerance, love, and compassion, provided the perfect backdrop for Shovir's artistic expression.

The Mural: A Reflection of Rumi's Seven Advices

Shovir's mural was a visual representation of Rumi's 'Seven Advices' - a set of teachings that transcend religious boundaries and encapsulate the universal values of humanity. Each element of the mural echoed these sentiments, creating a tapestry of wisdom and artistry.

The Fusion of Sufi Dance and Persian Calligraphy

This mural project marked one of Shovir's initial explorations in blending Rumi's spiritual teachings with his art. He later expanded on this theme, creating a collection that merged the fluidity of Sufi dance with the elegance of Persian calligraphy, forming a unique and inspiring artistic language.

A Visual Feast: Watch the Video

For those eager to delve deeper into the world of Keyvan Shovir and experience the beauty of his Rumi-inspired mural, a video capturing this artistic journey is available. Watch the video and immerse yourself in a visual feast that brings the mural and its inspirations to life. This video is not just a showcase of Shovir's talent but a window into the world of Persian calligraphy, Sufi teachings, and the universal language of love.

Conclusion: A Cross-Cultural Artistic Dialogue

Keyvan Shovir's mural in London stands as a bridge between cultures, a testament to the universality of art, love, and spiritual wisdom. It's a celebration of how traditional Persian art and the timeless teachings of Rumi can find a new expression and resonance in a modern, cosmopolitan setting like London.

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