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Keyvan Shovir Drawing Love in London

Love in London

I spent around 2 months in Britain around summer 2010. In a typical rainy day of London, I got an invitation from a British artist to draw a mural work on one of their site. I’m not an expert in London locations; however, I joint them somewhere around Oval station in South London.

I worked on this mural project for a day. During that day I was with one of the best Iranian photographers Mohsen Shahmardi who was responsible for video recording and photo shooting.

This is a Persian calligraphy on “Love” or “عشق” inspired by Iranian poet Rumi.

Rumi is a Sufi scholar, writer and poet, and he is one of the most famous masters in the history of Islam. Not only that his poetries are wide acclaimed, but his teachings are also very much inspiring and far-reaching. He teaches unconditional acceptance, tolerance, patience, love, compassion, and benevolence. His famous ‘Seven Advices’ has passed down all the years and is still very much revered in the present time. The Seven Advices epitomizes the highest sentiment of humanity, transcends religious boundaries, and encompasses the common values of all religions:

  1. In generosity and helping others: be like the river

  2. In compassion and grace: be like the sun.

  3. In concealing others’ faults: be like the night.

  4. In anger and fury: be like the dead.

  5. In modesty and humility: be like the soil.

  6. In tolerance: be like the ocean.

  7. Either you appear as you are, or: be as you appear.

Rumi teaches us that our generosity and help to others should be like the river, ever flowing. That mural was one of my first works with Rumi. Then I also created a new collection about him (click here) with the impression of Sufi dance and Persian calligraphy.

Please have a look on those works and leave me some feedback.


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