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Art Statement: Messenger Installation

The Messenger Installation stands as a sculptural testament, intertwining the threads of late 90s to 2009 Iran—an era marked by the fading echoes of the Iran-Iraq war and the emergence of connections with the broader world through the internet and satellite communication.

Crafted from repurposed skateboard decks, laser-cut acrylic sheets, and chains, this installation embodies the fusion of Eastern and Western influences. The skateboard decks, symbolic of rebellion and youthful expression rooted in Western sports culture, coalesce with the intricacy of laser-cut acrylic, mirroring the transparency and interconnectedness brought about by technology.

As an art student navigating the societal constraints following the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the Messenger Installation encapsulates a pivotal period in Middle Eastern art history. It reflects a generation's eager pursuit of knowledge in art, sports, music, and global politics—an exploration fueled by a desire to challenge the prevailing norms and engage in a dialogue beyond geographical confines.

In the intersection of slow-speed internet and satellite connections, a virtual art club emerged through platforms like Yahoo Messenger, fostering connections with Tehran, Tabriz, and beyond. Ghoorbaghe Park became a physical locus for the convergence of ideas—skateboarding, punk music, and knowledge exchange intertwining as agents of joy and platforms for social, political, and cultural awareness.

The utilization of street art installations, stickers, and paste-ups served as a bridge between the personal and the political. Persian poetry, a traditional form of expression, became a poetic overlay to address societal issues—a convergence of historical roots and contemporary discourse.

The Messenger Installation, with its layered symbolism, echoes the broader trends in global art history, where artistic expression becomes a vehicle for social commentary. The melding of Western sports culture and Middle Eastern art traditions mirrors the interconnected nature of the contemporary art world, transcending geographic boundaries.

This sculptural narrative is an exploration of new languages—a challenge to conventional perspectives and an embodiment of the fusion between Eastern heritage and Western influences. The city itself becomes a canvas for social commentary, echoing the broader trajectory of contemporary art—where art, technology, and activism converge to shape the narrative of a generation navigating the complexities of a changing society.

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