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Peripheral Visions Spring 2018 Exhibition: Seven Valleys by Artists-In-Residence Lauren Marie Taylor and Keyvan Shovir

Mar 17 — Apr 21, 2018

In this time of political, economic, and cultural polarization on a national and regional scale, art can prompt genuine communication,empathy,and insight required for a harmonious future.Art can enable collaboration and a sense of shared experience between people despite our perceived differences. It may offer new means of problem solving that bypass traditional approaches.While art may be an important key to the health of our society, the Bay Area’s current real estate climate poses significant challenges to the sustainability of art venues.

The work represents a spiritual relationship between two communities long at war, but with an important history of sharing beliefs and values, especially in relationship to the stars- through astronomy. We highlight not only the spirituality shared between these two communities, but bring awareness to the rarely told narrative of friendship rooted in scientific discovery that has existed for centuries. We hope that by sharing this story, we will inspire a future-focused vision of mutual transcendence.

Artwork on the 'Seven Valleys' page showcasing a series of intricate paintings, each representing one of the Sufi journey's s
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