Geometric patterns and arabesques are representing that sense of the infinity of higher power. Geometric patterns have used in many Middle eastern arts, like architecture, carpet weaving, ceramics, doors, and book covers for the Quran and Shahnameh.

The four bas...

Islamic Art Pattern, Pattern Art, Geometric Designs, Geometric Art, Illumination Art, Persian Motifs, Iranian Art designed by Keyvan Shovir  

I born and grow up in Iran, and I studied my BA in fine art in Tabriz which is one of the oldest cities in Iran with so many old mosques and buildings. By learning Iranian art history and studying Iranian painting, I became so interested in Mathematics and geometric art. I spend a...

Imagine five days before opening an art exhibition.curator is working with artists and staff is sending invitations and advertising for the show. Suddenly BAM!!!

One of the three ceramic sculptures just fell on the floor and broke into pieces. Luckily the artis...

I born and grew up in Tehran /Iran, and I moved to the USA when I was 28 years old in 2011.

Moving to the USA, California, I been exposed to many different cultures enjoyed different foods with each different culture in this melting pot that joins together cuisines, languages, and...

My experience as art handler / Art preparator

How I became an art handler and grew and developed my career as Art preparatory:

It all started when I was studied my MFA ( master of fine Art) at California College of Art in San Francisco. I was a student, and because of sanction, I di...

Art Installation with Skateboard by Iranian Artist Keyvan Shovir

I am so excited and proud to be selected artists @nyfacurrent for Immigrant Artists Mentoring Program in Oakland!

NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Oakland is back with a new cohort of mentees and mentors! This year's participants represent countries including Ethiopi...

Persian Calligraphy (خوشنویسی ایرانی) is the identity of the greatest apotheosize arts during Persian tale and is a precedent of unique Persian culture. The antiquity of calligraphy in Iran attends behind to the pre-Islamic period when Zoroastrian-influenced Persian art operated r...

Megan Wilson, as co-director of Clarion Alley Mural Project is as of now coordinating and arranging Bangkit/Arise, a second worldwide exchange and residency between artists from the Bay Area (Jose Guerra Awe, Shaghayegh Cyrous, Jet Martinez, Kelly Ording, Keyvan Shovir, Christophe...

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Creative destruction performance art by Keyvan Shovir

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