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CK1 Keyvan Shovir Graffiti on Huffington Post and "Mutiny Of Colours" Documentary

Few days ago Huffington Post Arts and Culture section published an article by Priscilla Frank about the situation of graffiti as an art in Iran. The article called 12 Street Artists Transforming The Walls Of Iran. It clearly started with an immediate qoute from me (CK1 Keyvan Shovir) saying "Graffiti is an absolute crime".

Being far from my homeland, Iran, for more than 5 years by now has probably had its own effects on my works and thoughts. However, this article is showing a new wave of young talents popping up to the stage of graffiti arts of Iran. That definitely make me extremely happy that there are actually real artists in the streets of Tehran who are carrying the torch for modern arts in Iran.

Paliz Khoshdel

Zeinab Tabrizi

These days, two good friends of arts in Iran, Zeinab Tabrizy & Paliz Khoshdel are casting a film called "Mutiny Of Colours" showcasing the issue. There is a short trailer of the film available right now which again starts with some interview with CK1 Keyvan Shovir in the streets of Tehran.

You also can watch it here:

"Mutiny Of Colours" is a feature length documentary about street art & freedom of expression in IRAN. At the moment Zeinab and Paliz are crowdfunding for this documentary which you also can find the details here to make some donation if you love to.

This is a short introductory by them about me:

"Mutiny Of Colours"

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