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Simorgh in Cage: Navigating Myth and Reality in the Betweenscapes Exhibition


"Simorgh in Cage," Keyvan Shovir's captivating installation, found its home within the thought-provoking Betweenscapes exhibition curated by Kathy Zarur and Roula Seikaly. Positioned among works by 14 visionary artists, Shovir's creation stands out as a visual and conceptual testament to the complexities of unresolved histories, migration, and transnational solidarity.

Betweenscapes: Exploring the In-Between

Curated by Kathy Zarur and Roula Seikaly, the Betweenscapes exhibition serves as a platform for 14 diverse artists to visualize and articulate the in-between as a site of criticality. Addressing unresolved histories and probing questions about colonialism, migration, and transnational solidarity, the exhibition creates a dialogue that transcends conventional boundaries.

Simorgh in Cage at Betweenscapes:

Keyvan Shovir's "Simorgh in Cage" takes center stage in this exhibition, standing as a symbolic representation of the in-between. Placed alongside works by accomplished artists like Michael Arcega, Sarah Farahat, and Robin Lasser + Adrienne Pao, Shovir's installation becomes an integral part of the collective exploration of the complexities within our contemporary world.

A Multisensory Experience:

Shovir's installation, composed of seven amplified birdhouses, extends beyond the visual realm, offering a multisensory experience for visitors. Each birdhouse represents one of the countries impacted by the travel ban, emitting melodic tunes of native birds, a poignant reminder of the diverse natural heritage of each region. The auditory and visual elements create an immersive encounter, allowing the audience to engage with both the mythological and political dimensions of the installation.

The Symbolism of the Seven Valleys:

Shovir's adaptation of Farid Ud-Din Atta's seven valleys as an upward spiral within the installation resonates deeply within the Betweenscapes context. The symbolic representation of the arduous journey through distinct valleys reflects the collective experiences of individuals navigating the in-between spaces of geopolitical decisions and societal transitions.

A Blend of Myth, Politics, and Geography:

"Simorgh in Cage" serves as a unique intersection of myth, politics, and geography within the Betweenscapes exhibition. Shovir's intentional choice of international birds from the impacted countries emphasizes the interconnectedness of global communities, contributing to the broader discourse on migration and displacement.


As part of the Betweenscapes exhibition, Keyvan Shovir's "Simorgh in Cage" becomes a visual anchor—a narrative thread that weaves through the diverse perspectives presented by the participating artists. The curated space becomes a fertile ground for contemplation, inviting viewers to explore the intersectionality of myth, politics, and geography within the in-between spaces of our shared human experience.

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