contribution to the birds

birds, these feathered creatures, have been on Earth for a while. Birds are living dinosaurs. About 65 million years ago, a huge extinction caused by an asteroid impact wiped out all dinosaurs except for one group. That group of dinosaurs went on to become all the birds we see today.

They appeared in cultures, literature, mythologies, paintings, sculptures, and even music.

Birds have been necessary to human society in multiple ways. Since their origin, birds and eggs have been food sources for humans and still are in most societies. In addition, they inspired humans to learn the fly.

But before flying in this path of birds, I want to distinguish two aspects of birds and understand how we look at this subject. How these two aspects are interconnected, and sometimes they overlap with each other.

1. External aspect or appearance

2. aspect or symbolic meaning of the birds.

The external meaning is always identical. The Bird is always a bird. It has a universal meaning in different parts of the word. however, the symbolic or inner meaning of the Bird changes in different cultures and times.

1. External aspect or appearance That indicates more with science, biology, geology, etc., it is universal. The Bird represents one purpose, whether it is in Africa, Japan, or Italy. It has the same meaning in different times .bird always means one thing, whether in 1980 or 2021 or 1945.

This aspect gives us an understanding of what birds are through studies of the evolution of the birds and learning how they live and their behavior.

The outcome of this view made many contributions to human life, like Flying and the invention of airplanes and helicopters. Thus, Flying became a part of our regular life.

Birds inspired many scientists and thinkers to understand the concepts and dynamics of Flying.