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خط نگاره -Persian Calligraphy

Persian Calligraphy (خوشنویسی ایرانی) is the identity of the greatest apotheosize arts during Persian tale and is a precedent of unique Persian culture. The antiquity of calligraphy in Iran attends behind to the pre-Islamic period when Zoroastrian-influenced Persian art operated rich and cleared books in extraordinary appreciation.I have an excessive interest in Persian literature and Iranian calligraphy. It shaped my art and the way that I live and think.Calligraphy is my everyday practice and meditation.When I'm doing a large scale of calligraphy my body engaged in this practice Simultaneously my mind and my soul.”Without love, joy and mirth cannot increase,So life cannot blush with beauty and grace.A hundred clouds may rain upon the sea,However, by pain alone is drop by pearl encased.”#RUMI .

بی عشق نشاط و طرب افزون نشود بی عشق وجود خوب و موزون نشود صد قطره ز ابر اگر بدریا بارد بی جنبش عشق در مکنون نشود


here is a video my calligraphy practice Empathy is even better than talking in one language Rumi

همدلی از همزبانی بهتر است مولوی - مثنوی معنوی - دفتر اول

to see more of my calligraphy click here

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